Community-Focused Attorney Directories

We manage a network of over 50 directories and 400,000 pages. In 2017 we generated more than 4,000 leads for our member attorneys. Visitors browsing each directory can search for attorneys by location and practice area and view their listings. Without having to log-in or create an account, they can

  • contact the attorney directly by calling the attorney’s phone number
  • send a message to the attorney through the contact form on the listing page

Our Matching Engine

We also have a matching engine that is by far the most popular method among our visitors. Clients fill out an intake form specifying their contact information, practice area, and a short description of their case. Our system then introduces them to attorney members matching their criteria.

We send an email to the client with the attorney’s information and an email to the attorney with the client’s contact and case information.

  • If your listing has a top-level practice area (ex. Family Law), you’ll receive referrals from all the sub-categories of that practice area (Ex. Divorce, Adoption).
  • If you only have the sub-category listed as a practice, you will only receive the leads for that sub-category.
  • Our referral system matches potential clients with attorneys within 25 miles radius of their zip code.
  • PRO and Sponsor members can choose to disable the radius limit and receive all matching leads from the state(s) where they’re licensed to practice at.

Clients can fill out our intake forms from any of our more than 50 directories.¬†In our form, we ask potential clients whether they are also interested in attorneys from outside of the particular directory they were visiting if the attorney has experience in their specific issue. If they check that box, our system matches them with all our attorney members who match the case’s criteria.

Cultural Legal Leads System



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