Our History


We Partnered with Avvo

We partnered with Avvo to be able to build new features for our visitors and attorney members including publishing attorney’s Avvo reviews on their listings across our network.

50 Directories Milestone

We published 20 new culture-focused attorney directories to bring our total number of directories to over 50.

500 Listings Milestone

We published our 500th attorney listing across our network of directories.

New Technology Partners

We partnered with Twilio to provide call tracking and conversion tracking, Whitepages Pro to automatically block spam and robo calls, and Google Analytics Solutions to provide traffic statistics to our members.


Version 1.0 of Our Software Completed

In 2016 we completed the version 1 of our software. It allowed us to publish our directories and give clients the option to submit their legal matters and match them with attorney based on practice area, location, and directory.

Acquired Our Domain Name Portfolio

Throughout 2016 we purchased a portfolio of memorable attorney directory URLs in our niche to make it easier for our visitors to remember and to help us build a better brand in future.


Talked to 100 Lawyers

Throughout 2015 we talked to about 100 lawyers to learn about how they conduct their day to day business, find clients, are involved with their communities, and build their practice.


Talked to 100 Legal Clients

Throughout 2014 we talked to about 100 legal clients in our targeted demographics to learn about how they searched for a lawyer and what criteria they used to select a lawyer from their options.


Moved to Houston

In December of 2012 we moved to Houston, Texas.

Recruited 250 Attorney Members

Throughout 2012 we recruited 250 attorneys to be our beta members and get listed on our directories. We planned to operate an attorney-client marketplace and needed to have attorneys listed on our directories before we could promote them to the communities.


Launched Our Network of Directories

We launched a limited number of lawyer directories with basic features to use for testing our assumptions about the need in the market for a culture-focused attorneys form the clients point of view.

A Texas Legal Startup Is Born

Heritage Law Marketing was founded in Dallas, TX by Nima Heydarian.

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